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2020-11-07 09:10:27 (UTC)

Continuing on with my personal New Year 🤮🥳

So I trudge on with my personal New Year's resolution. Back at the gym of course. I went twice already and yesterday's workout was named booty Friday since they always work on our lower body on Fridays. I actually forgot. So I again struggled but survived. Didn't feel like puking this time but my friends there showed compassion and helped push me along. They went as far as saying they only went to that session just for me. So yeah, I had to really try. One thing right now I can't do is side planks. I do it with my arm fully extended and my shoulder is just not taking it right now so I had to do a modified (wimpy) side plank and used my one knee instead of the usual feet at the end point of the side plank. The rest I survived. Heaters did make me pause a few times. Last night, I couldn't even do a squat to the sofa without grimacing or screaming in pain. haha. I love it.

This morning I can feel the happy chemicals in me. I wake up with a smile. Just bending down is not so smiley for me at the moment. I made coffee and dropped a spoon on the floor. Picked it up (after some hesitation) and yup, still hurting. haha. Quads and hamstrings are hurting big time and I'm supposed to go kayak fishing today (My kayak is a Hobie so I pedal and not paddle). Gonna be a rough one but I'll go. Oh, and I did someting stupid last night. I slept with my laptop on a long youtube video. Supposed to make me feel good and relax during my sleep. Instead, I had a nightmare about my ex wife doing her normal betrayal acts. What the hell and what the hell is my subconscious doing to me? Ok, that was a first and last time I tinker with those stupid hocus-pocus or hypno-babble stuff. Not for me. I think a glass or two of wine suits me just fine.

Also for my other goal, I wanted to get all my credit cards cleaned up with a zero balance. Well, with Covid, your money can't really be spent (I try with QVC and Amazon but still failed) and just this morning, I went ahead and paid the last of my outstanding balance on my credit cards. There wasn't much left really. Only about $1,600. Pre-surgery it was around $5,600 so I did pretty good in the three months I was out of commission. Still got my wine club memberships. That don't have to go away. hehe. Life is what you make of it so go out there and kick butt people. Falling down is overrated. Just keep getting up and the world can be yours :) Just need to go out there and figure out a way to take it. (Quote stolen and slightly modified from "The Warriors" movie).

So there I go. Another one of my New Year's goal achieved just like that. My purging is also going ok. Sold the Foosball table. So that too adds to one of my resolutions.

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