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me and my life
2020-11-07 08:27:06 (UTC)

Oops I did it again...

Yaaa fucking yaar i wished him happy birthday oat 12.12am and alla he said thaknyou. Why I fuck did I wish him. Why the hell I couldn't control. Well, there left nothing now I won't contact him. In some days I'll delete his chats and number.
For now I want to concentrate on my self my life and my career foremost important for me. I'll do my best rest have left on God.
Mom is still recovering, we at sis place. I hope mom get well soon. Rest nothing is happening. Chums cramps are taking my life mummaaaa... They r so hard to bear.
Also, I was thinking of V. He use to say me i dnt have any one except you to understand me. But what did u do with me? You left me alone. You left the person who you thought was important and who understand you. Big lol on me to trust that and also, lol on him who never meant what he said. My b'day future mail got delivered to him. That letter started with "I donno out of nowhere I thought to write you". Omg that's so intuitive... Also I wrote few things that should hit his heart but m sure it won't.
Anyways cyaaa