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2020-11-07 01:08:19 (UTC)

back again

hello, i'm back again. so, i was gone for a while because i had gotten my phone back after like 2-3 weeks of begging my mom to give it back.

you guessed it. she took it away again. i was in the shower doing my homework because what's better than multitasking and finishing everything early. so she took it away while i was in the shower. i didn't think she was gonna go through my phone cause she hadn't gone through it in a while. she did this time and boy oh boy. i should've deleted that one video that got leaked of tony lopez jerking off. as well as other videos of dicks cause i use them for trolling or to just send to my friends. she also saw the nudes i took earlier that day. i thought i had deleted them but i forgot to completely delete it from the trash. welp this isn't the first time she's found my nudes on my phone. probably like the 3rd or 4th time. i wonder if she's gonna talk to me about it but honestly what the hell should i really be ashamed of. it's probably not normal but i'm pretty sure lots of teens send nudes to each other. so im here again to get my thoughts out once again cause i'm lonely af without my phone.

my best friend's birthday is the 15th of this month and i was planning to search for some stuff on what to give her but now that i don't have my phone i can't look for any pictures so i could print them out. without my phone i don't have anything else to do. i don't know if i'll even be able to buy her a present cause idk what to give her. i swear parents think that by taking our phone away they'll solve every single problem their child has. like no you're just making me more lonelier than i already and no mom i'm not gonna talk about teenage stuff to a 40 year old uncle. i don't have anyone to hang out with so it's just me by myself in the room with nothing else to do.

welp i'm a failure anyways so i might just kill myself. bababooey out.