Vaish's diary
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2020-11-06 23:43:51 (UTC)

Nov 6, Friday, 2020

Dear online diary,
Today was excellent! A bit bad but super excellent! Why? Well, there are 2 reasons why it was a bad day. I mean 3!
1. My table mate told my CRUSH to my classmate!!! Or, you know what? I will just say it in public because it will soon spread schoolwide. My crush is Rohin Mathon.
2. Today I was sick and I kept on coughing but I had to go to school!!!
3. My friend is like "I like your cut Ji" and hit my neck by accident and now it hurts. Badly!!!
Reasons my day was good:
1. I finally finished my school shoebox project! :)
2. I had pizza for lunch
3. We had no french class today !! :)
I guess this is all for today. Don't forget! Follow me and feel free to message me!
Yours truly,