Rob Floyd
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2020-11-06 16:34:35 (UTC)


As the madness of the election goes on for about the 4th day, I returned to work after 4 days off. I still feel like im a little foggy from having Covid. I feel fine, but can tell that my brain is still not quite right. I brought a turkey sandwich for lunch with some chips and a couple candy bars. After finishing, i went to the gas station on Pass Rd outside of Keesler. The pumps were completely full. I pulled in behind this silver Kia to wait for the driver to get done. There seemed to be no one in the car. After waiting for 10 minutes, seeing cars pull out with another one right behind them getting to the pumps, i finally went inside to ask the clerk about the kia that was blocking the gas pump. There was a short, heavy set black woman in there with her little boy. She was bullshitting with the clerk. I told the clerk i needed gas but there was a silver kia blocking the pump, and that all the other pumps were taken and there was a line for every pump. The lady sias that was her car adn she would be out to move it in a minute. I was as pleasant as i could be, and I just walked back outside to wait in my car. A few more minutes passed and the lady never came out. Finally, another car pulled away from a pump and I was able to pull in. I had to go inside toi pay for the gas, as i was going to buy a candy bar and use my gas card to get a discount. The lady who owned the Kia was still standing there by the clerk. When I came in, she says something like, Are you sitll waiting on me? I told her no that another one had opened up. i got my gas and my payday bar. Drove over to the Marina to chill out for my last half hour of lunch. There was an old man in the spot I like to sit in on the picnic bench, smoking a cigarette. There is no smoking on base except in designated areas. So that irked me too, but i didnt let it get to me, just like the lady at the gas station. i drove around a little more, but there is really no good place to hang out except for that picnic area. I drove back that way, and as I pulled in the guy was leaving out. I was able to enjoy my payday bar in peace, looking over the gulf of mexico. I drove back to work and chilled for the last couple hours. Probably drive after work and try to make some money.