the secrets of an average teen
2020-11-06 13:50:50 (UTC)

did you forget?

Currently sitting here wondering how the world is like for you at the moment.
I can’t help but think that we’re so close yet so far. Heaven seems so close, the stars, I look at them and I think of you.
I’m under a lot of pressure, I’m starting to think about you more than usual. I find myself replaying scenarios in my head, and I find myself feeling warm.
I know you’re moving on, and it’s selfish of me to be angry at that. I know what I chose, and I hate that I hurt you. Sometimes I’m still confused and can’t tell if I made the right decision. Everyone with my relationship seems good, better, but at the same time I feel like I’m drifting apart. All I could think about is you. We’re under the same stars, and I see 222. I hope you still think of me when you see it. I hope that you’re happy, and that you’ve forgotten about me and everything I did to hurt you. That is forever my number 1 regret.

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