Nala Toph

Written Thoughts
2020-11-06 10:48:36 (UTC)

Do you know what it’s like?

Do you know what it’s like to have a fetish? First thing first, I can tell you it’s not something you ask for. Nobody looks at the furry community and goes “man I wish *I* was into that!!” Instead you see quite the opposite. People hate them and don’t understand them. People come up with reasons why they might have a fetish but some people might have a thing for something they didn’t even know existed. I’ve heard plenty of stories about a guy having a fetish for wedgies and wanted to give them to his girlfriend. But it’s hard to admit to it when it might be something someone will end a relationship over. But what happens next? Girl feels a little adventurous and doesn’t even know what she’s getting into and then suddenly she’s asking her boyfriend for wedgies. So it can happen to anyone at anytime. You might be Thinking, “how on earth does one enjoy getting their underwear pulled up into a wedgie?!??!?” Well that’s the question for every fetish, and there’s no real define explanation. Nobody looks at a fetish catalog and think “what’s this about pissing in your partner’s mouth? That is the upmost interesting thing! I must try it sometime!” No people hear about it and feel really grossed out while people with the fetish think about how it might feel “dominating” Even though there’s so many clear and “socially acceptable” way To dominate And/or to be dominated. If you have a fetish, and I don’t mean you get “a little kinky here and there”, I mean a strong desire towards something that is seemingly bizarre, it’s harder to find someone to love you. Because you don’t know if they will leave you for it but that sexual desire overwhelms everything else in a relationship. You will feel like you cannot live without it.
It’s even worse when you’re mind wonders a little and suddenly you’re so uncontrollably turned on because you’re thinking about your fetish happening right before your eyes. It’s hard to just hide it all the time when you can’t stop thinking of the one (or multiple) thing(s) that actively turns you on. I’ve made an entry about all of my kinks pretty early on. Many things easily turn me on but there are a few things I just can’t live without. As time goes On I see the things I like start to shift and change. I have always loved wedgies my entire life, the only thing I love more than that is dicks down my throat. Piss play, aka watersports, I used to hate been then started to tolerate it and now I just prefer to never hear anything that involves in that stuff. Scat is something I’ve always hated and as much as I know how hard it can be to live with a fetish, I would break up with anyone who was into that. I’d feel sorry for them too though, because that is one of the hardest fetishes to live with. And like my point as been, they didn’t choose to like that stuff. Beastiality, aka zoophilia, is one of the first fetishes I learned about. I can remember it all so vividly. Watching jacksepticeye answer YouTube comments years ago (wow it’s been so long..) and he said something like “that shit is not okay I’m not even going to continue talking about but I’ll warn you don’t google it” so of course my 12 year old brain said “look it up” and I was expecting some mythical looking beast but instead I saw a woman with horse dick in her asshole. I was so highly disturbed. But now I see it again and I find it rather sexy. And I constantly tell myself that this is not okay but I can’t help but get so turned on. I hate it, I really do hate it. I hate my fetishes. I hate living with them. Life would be easier if I was just straight and not into disgusting crap. But now i see a normal real woman nude and I think she’s disgusting, I’m turned off by the sight of a vulva. A clothed woman turns me on still, for some reason... but panties off and I just don’t want to look. Then again I don’t like gay porn, it bothers me for some reason. It’s like it has to be straight and oral sex only in order for me to be turned on if it’s real life. Otherwise I’m okay with some hentai (pretty picky with that too though) if it’s tentacle erotica then I’m bound to love it too much, otherwise I mostly just enjoy furry stuff. Straight furry, gay furry, whatever furry. I love them until it comes to murrsuits. I just don’t like it.. I’m so picky about the real world. And It’s hard to live with it.
So tell me, do you know what it’s lick to live with a fetish?

And before you comment about my liking beastiality only because I’m a furry I can assure you that I brought it up one time and every single Other furry Slapped my wrist saying that is uncool, some furries even hate me now. So don’t claim that furries are into zoophilia when they treat people who are so cruelly (not that I can say they’re wrong for it, i mean it really isn’t okay to be into that). And on my last note, I have met one woman who said she fucked a horse and would do it again and she thought furries were weird people so again, don’t tell me they’re the same.