London Life
2020-11-05 23:51:56 (UTC)

This lockdown is different

This lockdown is different to the Spring one. Last time, the PM said we were going to "send ithe virus packing". This time he said it's going "back in it's box". So perhaps 'Remember, Remember the Fifth of November' will no longer refer to Guy Fawkes but the second entertainment shutdown. There were plenty of fireworks being let off as I cycled home tonight, but there won't be organised displays.

I did two lots of shopping for isolated people today but I decided beforehand that I didn't want to sign up for any more. I don't like shopping, especially for unfamiliar items in supermarkets, and these elderly people are likely to want to get meat. Tonight I heard two shoppers talking about the vegan section, making me feel embarrassed to be carrying chicken and meat in my basket, not to mention a five-pack of crisps.

I was early calling on the first man, at lunchtime. He lives in nice old mansion-flats in Bloomsbury and had a posh army-style voice. He wanted the printed Guardian, which I was pleased to get him, but also beef slices, which I wasn't. The Sainsbury at Holborn is quite small so it wasn't too hard to find the stuff, apart from cooked mash which I had to ask an assistant about, and I got home just as Jack was leaving to get a take-away wrap from Ellie's, which we ate in our park.

I was in a bit of a rush to get to Hampstead and although I was 15 minutes late, it didn't matter. The lady I was shopping for wanted me to go to the O2 centre where the supermarket is huge, and she wanted specific ready meals and various other items I'm not used to buying. Her block looked like a grand house from the street, but inside, the building had been gutted and it was like a prison.

I told Jack I'd be back by 6, at which time he wanted to borrow my laptop to talk to his friend, but actually it was nearly 7 when I got in. I made some one-pan spicy rice while 90s Top of the Pops was on, then we watched the first two episodes of Ghosts together. It took that long to set up the premise, but it's quite an original idea and the characters are good. Lead actress Charlotte Ritchie looked gorgeous in an everyday-girl kind of way. The character Thomas is infatuated by her, I felt quite similar feelings myself.

In the News, the Chancellor surprised everyone by extending the furlough scheme to March.