Vaish's diary
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2020-11-05 21:51:33 (UTC)

November 5, Thursday 2020

Dear online diary,
Today was a good day. It was a bit embarrassing. Why? Because today I told my crush to my friends and I am not saying it in public now!!! What if he has his own account and he sees this!?!? But anyway, I had to wake up at 6:40 am and eat my breakfast which was cereal and then I had to go to school and we also had a class meeting about this girl named Dana. I almost cried in the middle of it but I had to hold back my emotions or else I would look HORRIBLE in front of my crush. Then we also had a discussion about social distancing. After that, we went outside for recess and I wrote in my real diary. Then, we came back inside and we had gym. We had to do SIX LAPS!!! OMG! You're lucky you weren't there. We played Spud and Octopus and I was it. After that, we had math and we were learning about angles. It was so boring until I got saved by the principal! She asked if anybody had money for the school store that sells chips, cheetos and cookies. I was like 'thank god' and I rushed out of the class like 'I am out of here' to get my money. We had lunch after math and we watched 'Wild Kratts' while eating. Then we had recess and that is when we told our crushes. Then we came inside, had french class, we went on just dance (youtube channel), had music and when it was done, the day was done.