Wish Collecting
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2020-11-05 18:34:43 (UTC)

For Posterity's Sake...

Last night I read a quote that resonated with me: "She was struggling to collect the dust of ordinary existence."

It made me think more deeply of what that really means to me, or at least my internal understanding of that quote. So, after mulling this around a bit and feeling the need to clarify, I have come up with a response that I wanted to write down and send out to the electronic universe - I want my ordinary existence to coincide with someone else's ordinary existence punctuated with non-ordinary moments.

If that is simply not in the cards for me, then I want my own ordinary existence to be punctuated by my own non-ordinary moments. There is a poem in me somewhere waiting to be developed out of this, but for posterity's sake, this will have to suffice for now.