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2020-11-05 11:16:22 (UTC)

Things are starting to roll! 💪

Post op app with my surgeon completed yesterday. I get to go back to work on the 11th as projected. I could go back today but the paperwork to do so would suck so I'll just go back as planned. Also, I'm ok to go back to the gym so... I already rsvpd for a class today. Why wait? I'm so excited about this!!! I'll get my mojo back. Get those happy juices back into me again. Dopamine, serotonin, norepinephrine, and whatever endorphins that are involved. Gym friends know and are already welcoming me back!!! Nice to be missed I gotta say.

I still got crap to do. Picked up my trailer tire. So now, I'm going to use my brand new spare and the new tire I just got and use those for my primary tires. The used one on the trailer I'll remove and use it for the spare instead. So I got some swticharoo to do on my trailer today. After gym class, I need to meet a guy at home and show him my foosball table. Then somewhere between some downtime, I need to prep my fishing gear for a fishing trip this weekend.

I'm not saying life is good but life is happening. No matter how healthy I am or how Covid is mucking things up or even who our president will be soon, life still goes on and I'm not wasting it wallowing in misery. Too much to do and the world is ours to make of it. It feels like another chapter in my life is starting. Going to make sure it doesn't start with me sitting on my ass watching Netflix :)
I feel good this morning. I slept with my diffuser on last night. Forgot what scented oil I used but this thing looks cool. It has a little pot looking thing for my motive candle. Then a pot kettle of some sorts to put my scented oil in over a make believe stove.