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2020-11-04 02:23:54 (UTC)

I want an active life!

In four days I will be turning 52 years old and I’m at a point in my life I want to be more active and go more places. I’ve always been a person who just stayed home, watch my favorite TV programs, worked and took care of people but lately after being diagnosed with epilepsy I no longer want to be home bound. I want to go everywhere I can go but unfortunately because of the pandemic I’m limited to where I can go. I’ve also been the type to stay to myself and I don’t want to be that person anymore either. I want to go places and be around as many people as I can to laugh and talk. I want to enjoy life which is something I feel I haven’t done and it’s really troubling me. I’ve been sad and crying because most of my friends live out of state and I don’t hang around anyone locally to me. My sister lives some distance from me and I recently told her I wanted us to start going more places together and the first words that came out her mouth was well the next time I invite you somewhere you better not say no and a cousin said the same thing, they are right because that’s what I’ve always said in the past. I immediately told them both that word will not come out my mouth anymore. Unfortunately we haven’t went anywhere since I’ve told them that and I’m hoping that changes soon. I’m also hoping to start hanging with an old friend who I recently reconnected with too but she admitted she’s a home bound person too but I’m hoping that can change and we start going more places even if it’s just a walk at the park to just talk and catch up on old times. I would be okay with that.