London Life
2020-11-04 23:45:06 (UTC)

Sarah Pascoe and The Man

Wednesday 04/11/2020
The last day before the new lockdown. As it happened, we'd booked to see Sarah Pascoe in Soho. She was quite conversational, and was interesting and amusing though not in a laugh-out-loud way. Elina said she was annoying.

She always dresses in a feminine way on television and was the same tonight, unlike Lulu Poppywell, the first guest, despite the fact she sells her body for sex. She was also quite amusing although she drifted into the "what it's like to be a woman" fallback, saying that some tabloid nonsense written about her was because she's a woman (no, they pick on everyone).

If I was a comedienne, I would be looking for anecdotes about things that had happened to me, and riffs on the absurdities of life, maybe some jibes at the Government and some double-meaning material. Surely female comedians are common enough now that the fact of it shouldn't be a characteristic of your set.

Anyway, Vanessa Hamik was on next, she was poor, but finally Luke Dawson did amuse me at times. We got the bus there and back, because Jack's bike still wasn't ready when we looked into the shop at lunchtime and I was unsure about bringing my folding bike for him to ride. The bus was a bit full, reminding me why I've been generally avoiding them during the panfemic. We could have walked home.

We wanted to visit places to eat which will probably shut tomorrow. We had a vegan breakfast at our local St Espresso, who said they will actually be doing a full takeaway menu during the lockdown. After work we went to The Man where I had a full Falafel salad which was so filling I could hardly finish it.

It was sunny at lunchtime, we sat outside to eat. There were nethertheless plenty of sexy boots being worn, and on our way back from the Notes coffee shop at lunchtime a girl passed us looking great, dressed all in black with her cleavage on show, very short tight dress, over-knee socks and (I think) high stack heels. Jack thought she had big thighs but they were firm and she was well proportioned, no bulges where there shouldn't be.

In the debate to bring in the legislation, a few Tories claimed the lockdown was a denial of liberty. Kier Starmer said that hundreds of lives could have been saved if if had been done several weeks ago when he suggested it.