Rob Floyd
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2020-11-04 16:32:14 (UTC)


I woke up early this morning. Was watching the election results with the wife in bed. I made her a cup of coffee and some toast. I stayed in bed for a while after she left and updated my fantasy foottball team, while watching the fantasy football show. I finally got up and did my mental workout on Lumosity. I decided I was going to walk the dogs down to Sonic and get some breakfast. Mom and the wife asked me to bring mom to Mary's house so mom could do some laundry there. I came back home and started walking the dogs to Sonic. We got down the block a ways, in front of an insurance office or something, and of course Johnny took a shit right there. I looked in and could see someone standing there looking out the window. I looked away in shame. Its a lot longer of a walk than I remembered. We made it there and I got some breakfast, some tater tots, OJ, and a breakfast burrito. I got a bottle of water for teh dogs to drink Yasmin would drink out of my hand but Johnny wouldnt. We headed back home. Saw a dead black cat decomposing on the side of the street on the way back. Mom called when we were almost home and asked me to pick her up. I took Johnny with me. We went to Walmart. I dropped her off and drove over by the gas station to let him walk around a little bit. It took mom quite a while to get done in Walmart. i called her and asked what the hell was taking so long. Apparently she had some trouble with the ATM at the register. We finally made it on home. I took a little nap until about 3. The election still isnt decided yet. Gonna jump on Uber eats maybe around 4:30 or so. Hopefully make a few bucks tonight.

3 things I am grateful for: 1. My big, bad, intelligent brain, molded by one of the best public school systems in the good ole US of A.
2. Car is still running good.
3. Insurance agent seemed very helpful yesterday when I called about the Hurricane Damage to the house.