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2020-11-04 08:02:41 (UTC)

My New year's resolution start's now! 😌

Well, today is a special day for me. No, not talking about the election going on here in the USA. Today, I have a post op mtg with my surgeon. He should be giving me the green light to go back to work and more important... the green light to go back to the gym. Coincidently, the new gym just opened up today for get this...Indoor classes!" Boom chuckalaka!! I mentioned this before but it's going to be the biggest gym or our entire chain here in CA which includes another big sized room for walk ins to do their own little workouts too. Don't have to be just in a class.

Started my jump roping again yesterday and was able to squeak in 1,300 jumps, skips, or whatever you call them. Not too many tricks since I lost some coordination but was able to do some crossovers again and a little single leg jumps. At the end, no screws or rods in my neck popped or flung out. lol. Woke up this morning and do not feel any residual pain so I think I'm good to go back to the gym for sure. Fingers crossed.

Before that, I waxed my truck. Took awhile and it felt weird because this is the first time waxing my truck post surgery. The awkward positions your arms are when waxing and removing the wax caused some concern for my neck because it was sort of a test for me to see how it'd be. It turned out just fine. In fact, I put a double coat on the surface that gets a direct blast for the sun. That'd be my hood and rooftop. If you look around, that seems to be the place where the paint fades first in most cars. So hopefully, I'm not just wasting a double coat of wax.

I did take in my trailer tire to be replaced since it still had a slow leak. Again, changing a tire off of the trailer, I didn't feel any pain at all. Another little test for me to see if I'm ok and I am. Now I'd sure like to test my sexual ability to see if I still got that!! Haha. Unfortunately, it's not like changing a tire. There gotta be some socializing involved and except for a bunch of core friends, the social atmosphere has been very limited due to the covid and covid restrictions. This is the one thing I hope the new or incumbent president will get rolling again.

Almost forgot. I finally put my pool table and foosball table up for sale online. I think it's time and I want to convert my pool room into something else. I had in mind gym equipment. A stationary bike, boxing stuff, a TRX (if that's possible), and other misc gym equipment. Maybe but not sure. I'm thinking what for if I already have a gym membership. All I really need at home is some dumbbells and my jump rope. But at least for now, I have this feeling of needing to purge stuff in my house. Way too much for a single dude and I don't use the pool table or foosball table anymore anyway.