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2020-11-04 14:35:37 (UTC)

Good vs Bad

the satanic bible has helped my cousin when she went thru a tough time after her divorce. she loved him. he played her. she was devastated. so i gave her some of the wisdom from the book and it helped.

yea the book has more practical knowledge than the holy book you so follow. try it. i mean i'm not even a christian and i see how well this book is written.

i dont get it why satan is always the bad guy. i feel god is the bad guy. he is responsible for all your loved ones dying. not satan. since everything is gods will then why do we even blame the devil for anything? in the books lucifer was cast out for being a rebel. we all know thats like every generation of humans. some people are born to rebel against society. so many rules. to follow them as sheep? not for all.

but i also feel that god and devil are the same. is it okay to believe in the devil but not god? can we pick? i feel closer to the dark side than the good.