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me and my life
2020-11-04 06:39:54 (UTC)

Worst time of life

The phase I'm in is the worst time of all. I never felt so low, helpless, inferior, sad, bad, afraid all my life that I'm feeling now. Mostly because of moms health. Cash crunch, job is also an added issue. But I'm sure this all will get over soon.
Mom and I are at my aunt's place fir few days for moms treatment. We will soon go to sis and when mom will feel fine we will go home. I hope she feels good soon.
I feel anxiety when mom feels unwell. I don't feel like eating because of stress, I feel. Pukish because I get scared when mom feels unwell. Am having my own battle with all the bad luck, problema Iam going through. In all these hustle I forgot about my Monday fast and I feel so guilty about it. Also, I feel like crying because of all the stress am going through.
Tomorrow is V's birthday. I'll not wish him. This is our end. But my future letter will deliver him tomorrow I don't know what's written in it. I so want to wish him but I guess I should not. If he doesn't want me why should have an attached string. We are over already.
Job is big issue. I have started applying for it let's see...
Hoping for best soon. I have never been so tensed before in my life like I'm now. May this phase pass away soon.