Darc Tangent

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2020-11-03 17:04:44 (UTC)

The Deep: Fontaine and the Pirate (2,080 wds)

The Deep: Fontaine and the Pirate
D’Arc Tangent

Fontaine Nexton sat at her console and noticed a blip on her screen.  Looking around to see if anyone else noticed, and sure no one else did she stood up and headed for the door.
“Going to check on the moon pool mom.” she said as she left the bridge of the Arronax, their families state of the art submarine. She made her way down to the moon pool, a large pool in the center of the submarine’s lower deck used to release their rescue vehicles into the ocean. Fontaine moved to the control panel, and opened the iris leading to the ocean, leaving it open for a few minutes, and as she was focused on the panel, she did not see the dark shape slide in just before she closed the iris again.
“All clear down here.” she said into the comm before heading back to the bridge, but before she could reach the door, a hand covered her mouth and nose, and soon everything went black.
Fontaine awoke to a headache and the cacophony of engine noises, and as her vision started to clear, she saw the face of Smiling Finn, the pirate son of the pirate Captain Hammerhead of the Dark Orca. She lunged at him, but her arms were secured to a pipe by handcuffs.
“Let me go Finn!” she shouted at him, but Smiling Finn just smiled at her, and turned his back for a moment, not saying a word, then he slowly turned her way, walked toward his captive, and kneeled on the floor in front of her.
“Now you see, Fontaine,” Finn said, “I am a pirate, and you are my prisoner, so by the Pirate Code, I am free to do with you as I please.” and he stood, and walked away from her, stopping at the door, he looked back over his shoulder and said, “Get comfortable, I’ll be back.” and he left her alone in the room.
Fontaine struggled against the pipe, but unlike most of the things on the decrepit sub, the pipe was solid and well mounted.  Fontaine managed to get to her knees and strained against the bonds, but still the pipe did not budge, and the metal cuffs dug into her wrists until she finally gave up and slumped back down on the cold metal floor, her knees bent and spread open a little, and her head slumped down, breathing deeply.
“Well, now that is a sight.” Smiling Finn said as he walked in the room, and saw Fontaine sitting there, with her legs spread open a little.
“You know my folks won’t bargain for my release.” she said, her eyes cold and hard as she stared at him, “They will mount a rescue, and bring me back, and it will not end well for you.” and a small smile played across her lips as she watched him.
Finn kneeled before her again, and leaned forward, his face so close to hers she could smell the heady musk of his skin, and the shimmering pools of his eyes as he watched her, then Finn moved his hands to her hips, and Fontaine cocked her head slightly as she watched him.
“Getting a little ‘handsy’ there Finn?” she teased.
“Oh, I am about to get a whole lot more, handsy, in a moment.” and with those words, he pulled the bottom of her outfit down her legs.
Fontaine gasped as she was suddenly exposed to the air of the room, and Smiling Finn just smiled as he said, “Well, well, panties? Under a wetsuit?” he asked.
“Well, it is more of a uniform, and it is water resistant, and a woman does deserve her modesty.” Fontaine replied.
“But black lace?” he asked, then smiling again he said, “Did you wear these just for me?”
“In your dreams, pirate boy.” she said, but a mischievous smile played across her face.
Finn pulled the pants completely off, and tossed them aside as he said, “Well, what more of my dreams may come true?” as he pushed her top upwards, over her breasts, revealing her beautifully firm breasts cloaked in a similar black lace bralette, “It seems we share the same dreams Fontaine.” Finn said.
“Get me out of these handcuffs, and I will show you one of my favourite dreams.” Fontaine said, as she again struggled against the restraints.
“I think I like your hands right where they are.” Finn said, the he cupped Fontaine’s breasts in his hands, and his eyes went wide as he moved between her breasts and undid the clasp. “ooh, front closure, you really do know what I like Fontaine.” and her breasts sprung loose from the lace cups, their dark areola pebbling against her tanned skin.
Finn’s thumb caressed the nipple of one breast as his mouth covered the other, and his tongue lapped against the hardened nipple. Fontaine moaned softly as he suckled her breast, and she squirmed her lower body, raising her hips against his leg. Finn moved from her breasts, and started kissing down her body as she arched her back each time his lips pressed against her naked flesh until he reached the lacey panties.  Finn stopped for a moment, and looked Fontaine in the eyes, but her head was tilted back in ecstasy and her breathing was becoming ragged. When she was aware he had stopped kissing her, she looked down to see the mass of black curls between her legs, and his eyes baring down on her.
“Don’t you dare, pirate boy.” she scolded him, but Finn just displayed his famous smile and pulled her panties off, exposing the engorged lips and the slick trail of arousal between her legs. “I’m warning you Finn.” she said as his tongue slipped out between his lips, but he never took his eyes off her.
“Don’t.” she said, as his head lowered toward her.
“Stop, Finn.” she objected as his tongue slid across her slit.
“Finn,” she gasped, “Finn, stop it. Finn, I am going to, to, fuck yeah, yes, yes.” she breathed out as Finn’s tongue thrust inside her, over and over and Fontaine spread her legs open further to allow him access.
Fontaine could feel his fingers opening her up, spreading her lips open to allow deeper thrusts of his tongue, and her hips rose like the tide to meet his mouth. She struggled against the restraints, trying to reach his head, but to push him away, or hold him there, she was not sure, all she knew was the sudden sense of loss as he pulled his head away from her.
“What the fuck Finn!” she said as he stood up.
“Interesting choice of words.” Smiling Finn said as he pulled a foil pack out of his pocket.
“You better not be thinking what I think you’re thinking.” Fontaine said, again, pulling against the pipe. If you think for one minute I am going to let you …" and in mid-sentence, Smiling Finn dropped his pants, and Fontaine could see his desire fully engorged before her, and all that came out of her mouth was “Fuck me!”
As Finn’s pants pooled on the floor at his feet, a small silver key dropped from his pocket as he sheathed his cock in latex. Finn kicked his pants backward, and moved over Fontaine, sliding his cock inside her. Fontaine bit her lower lip as his girth was enveloped by her folds, and again, her back arched, her hips rose, and she spread herself open to accept all of him into her. Each thrust of Finn’s hips were met with an equal thrust of Fontaine’s as they formed an erotic rhythm, their bodies rising and falling like the ocean that was their home. Fontaine struggled against the handcuffs to hold him, the feel of the sweat on his back, the touch the muscles of his arms, to hold him as he emptied himself into her, but her strength was spent in the attempt even as a wave of pleasure washed over her as Finn filled the condom inside her.  Fireworks exploded behind her eyes as he released himself into her, and even through the rubber, she could feel his warmth filling her, and her breath matched his in their ragged exhalations as both their muscles spent all their strength, and Fontaine slumped her body against the wall as Finn pulled out and sat back on his heels, removing the condom and tying it off.
Finn stood up and reach for his pants as Fontaine enjoyed the view of his naked ass. She leaned against the wall, and smiled, then noticed the key by her feet and covered it with her foot as Finn turned back around, doing up his pants.
“I just have to step out for a moment.” Finn said, “Don’t go anywhere.” and he laughed at his cleverness as he left the room.
As the door closed, Fontaine snagged the key between her toes, and hefted her hips and legs up, deposited the key into her palm. Dexterously, she opened one handcuff, freeing herself, then using her free hand, opened the second cuff. As she freed both her hands, she could hear Smiling Finn coming back, so she quickly placed the cuffs on so they still looked closed, pulled her knees up, and spread her legs to allow Finn a good look at her naked vagina. As soon as Finn entered the room, he saw Fontaine on display, and moved toward her.
“Well, are we looking to continue our little sport?” Finn said, as he kneeled before Fontaine.
“Come closer, pirate boy.” she cooed.
“Oh, so you are liking this are you?” Finn said as he moved closer up Fontaine’s body.
“C’mon big boy, let me taste those lips.” and she puckered her mouth as an invitation.
Finn moved closer up her body, gripping the pipe she was handcuffed to for support, and kissed Fontaine hard on the mouth. Fontaine’s mouth opened to receive him, and their kiss was hot, passionate, forceful, and as Smiling Finn was losing himself in the warmth of her mouth, he heard a ‘snick’ as Fontaine clasped the handcuffs on him.
“What the …" Finn said, as Fontaine slid under him, and undid his pants. Freeing his cock from his pants, Fontaine took the whole of his erection in her mouth, and sucked on the throbbing member, stroking his shaft even as Finn struggled to maintain control over his body, but soon, he could not hold back any longer, gushing his hot sperm into Fontaine’s mouth, which she took completely.
Sliding out from under him, Fontaine pulled Finn’s pants completely off, leaving his bare ass exposed. She re-attached her bra, and pulled her top down, then slid into her pants, before stuffing her panties into Smiling Finn’s mouth.
“Don’t want you sounding the alarm before I get away.” she said, then she kissed his ass cheeks tenderly, then slapped his ass hard, and left.
As Fontaine Nexton was making her way into the moon pool of the Arronax, Mad Madeline and Captain Hammerhead opened the door to the room, they were met by the image of Smiling Finn’s naked ass in the air, and Finn handcuffed to a pipe. Captain Hammerhead quickly covered his daughter’s eyes and pushed her back out of the room as he moved toward his son to free him.
“Have fun with Finn?” Keiko Nexton said as Fontaine walked onto the bridge, and Fontaine was just about to answer when her Comm Pad flared up.
“Fontaine.” Smiling Finn said, “Are you alright?”
“I am fine, pirate boy.” She said, “I see you got free.”
“I have to scrub the Dark Orca for a week, and Madeline won’t ease up on me, but I still think it was worth it.”
Looking up to see what her mother was doing, Fontaine whispered into the comm, “Next time, I get to be the pirate.”
“Please, like you could pull off being a pirate.”
“Oh, yeah?” Fontaine said, “We will have to see about that. Fontaine out!” and she disconnected her comm.
“Strange little romance you have their Fontaine.” Keiko said.
“Hey, it works for us.” then she leaned in to kiss her mother good night, but as she walked away, over her shoulder, she said, “And it’s not like I haven’t seen the pirate costume dad has in his closet.” and the door closed behind her.