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2020-11-03 22:53:49 (UTC)

The smell of death.

have you smelt death? I have. At a funeral. The body was there wrapped in white cloth like a mummy. Only the face to be seen as the prayers were said. The face. So hollow.

The scent of death is unique. A decaying rotten body has a peculiar smell i can never forget. While hiking we had to pass within feet of a slowly rotting corpse of a cow. It was swollen, black and rotting. The odor was something I had encountered for the first time. I just held my breath and walked through. Rest of the humans well they had to over react and make sounds etc. I found it fascinating. They found it repulsive.

My body odor has changed. I'm stinking of something I can't put a handle on. I don't have this smell. I usually stink different. Something is up...