London Life
2020-11-03 11:26:15 (UTC)


Monday 2nd November
I was hoping my volunteering could continue during the lockdown, as this is specifically exempted by the lockdown rules, but to no surprise it was confirmed today that this will stop except where this is essential to the “relief effort”, or directly supports vulnerable or isolated people. So I might concentrate on shopping for people stuck at home to keep my numbers up, though I will miss the social aspect.

Today we went to the café at the garden centre for lunch. My bruschetta came with about twenty cherry tomatoes. The young waitress there is one of my favourites; lovely eye-liner and wearing a daringly short goth dress, though she keeps laddering her tights.

In the evening I ran with Jack to meet Simon at the community centre, where we helped load some food and talked about the implications of the new lockdown, but sadly missed seeing sweet Lora. We then ran to help at Thornhill, using our new head torches for the first time. I weeded a bed with a rake while talking to Anne; she returned from Aberdeen at the weekend for the first time since March but she’s going all the way back tomorrow (eight hours on the train) so she can get home before the new lockdown starts, as she doesn’t want to risk not getting home for Christmas.

Afterwards, with Caz we listened to Ellie’s experiences visiting the weird religious people at UCKG. She got to see inside their large building, formerly the famous Rainbow music venue, which I nearly did recently, but we had a task there cancelled at the last minute. I later found out Caz is moving to Bristol. Sarah, Hanri, Steve L and Sarah were also there. Jack said Sarah and Caz were just chatting all the time, rather than working.

We stopped at the Everyman for a coffee, then ran to the Co-Op to get some Pad Thai, but bought everything except the Pad Thai, so after running home, we ran back to the Co-Op and home again.