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2020-11-03 16:05:38 (UTC)

Technology and me

I'm excited about my new bookshelf which is coming in this Thursday. It's a DIY metal one with some fabric in it.

I was overcomed with a sudden urge to do something nice for someone. So I bought my cousin a pen tablet since she is doing some graphics work and projects. Also I bought a rgb keyboard and mouse for her bro who is into games. Their parents said why spend so much and I was like its a

It was on the spot decision too. I have many of those. Then the ones where I plan and plan and calculate all the shit and then make decisions.

It took me full two weeks to chose a wireless ear bud for me. My budget was tight. So Apple and Samsung were out of the list. I decided on Boat. I have their wired earphones and they are just super. But then month in the use and one side stopped working. Tried everything and couldn't get it back to work. Factory reset don't work. I lost the documents so can't send it back to replace. Here's a tip. Always keep the documents like warranty card and shit safely till it expires.

I am cursed with gadgets. Even after I plan and all they fail on me nevertheless. There's never a plug and play thing for me. It's always I plug and something doesn't work so gotta do some fix and then it works. Rest everyone I see their stuff just works.

I had a pair of headphones from Sony. Everyday I used to carefully place it in the bag like a new born baby. Few months later one side just stopped.

The Boat earphones I throw them around and shove them in my pocket and still going good for years.

Fuck I can't get it why shit around me fails and sometimes it don't.