Experienced Life
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2020-11-02 00:23:36 (UTC)

Surround yourself with good people

Ok. If I can't get a grip on things, surround myself with good people. Heard something to that nature before. So I did. Called some friends over for dinner and got my brain fixed with fun convo with some friends. Suddenly, I'm my old self again chatting about fun insignificant things. With my friends. The way is should be when the mood calls for it. Like a real life Seinfeld show..

I smoked beef ribs for the first time and my friends loved it. I smoked some salmon too but it's not as good as I want it to taste so I won't share this batch for now. Next salmon batch will be much better.

Whew!! Glad I was able to shake off my earlier hangup. I was feeling bad. I even texted my ex. Wont say which one but as I already knew, it'd be a negative response and sure enough, not even a reply. Sigh... wish I was someone else at times.

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