Beauty in Darkness
2020-11-02 05:36:50 (UTC)


I woke up way too early today and it's freaking Monday!

It's cloudy today with light rain here and there. It matches my mood.

I got a friend request on Facebook from Danielle and I almost threw my phone across the kitchen. To understand my odd reaction to seeing her name, I have the tell story of Danielle.

She was my personal trainer's wife. We met one day while her husband was working me out. That sounded sexier in my head but whatever.

I remember the first time I saw her, I couldn't stop staring. I believe every person is beautiful. But this one, good god, she was stunning. My personal trainer recognized my collar. It was a discreet one, but I had to wear it at all times, CM's orders. He then told me that his wife was also his Mistress.
He introduced me to his beautiful wife and we both just stared at each other. Her long, black hair, blue eyes and full lips was hypnotizing. She held out her hand and said 'I'm Danielle, it's nice to meet you'
I shook her hand and said 'Nice to meet you, Danielle, you're beautiful'
Me and my fucking mouth.
Then I added 'I'm Sonja'
Sometimes I speak before I think and that is my curse. I once told my therapist she looked like an oompa loompa. I didn't mean to say it, but at least she laughed it off.

So Danielle said 'We should get coffee sometime' and so we did.
She asked me about my relationship with CM and I asked her about her lifestyle. There's just something about a female dominant. Fascinating.
We became friends and we worked out together, had ladies nights, etc.
CM and I broke up for the first time I think,and I was a hot mess.
One day, after a grueling gym session, Danielle asked me what's wrong and I told her.
She offered to help. I asked her 'How can you help me?' and she said it involved a contract and I also have to stay at her house if I decide to do it.
I took off from work, told my boss I needed some time to clear my head and I signed a 10 day contract with Danielle. In the contract, I asked for punishment only. At the time, it seemed like a good idea to get over CM, but now it sounds fucking stupid.
Danielle had my body for 10 days. Punishment and pain.
Pain and pleasure.
She punished her husband too. Made him watch her do things to me.
After my 10 days, I walked away,but Danielle couldn't. It started with phone calls. Then she came to my house a few times. I had to block her number and call the cops. All because I told her that I could never give her more than my body.
I had no choice but to get a restraining order, but that didn't stop her. She changed her number and kept calling me.
I stopped going to the gym and her husband hated me for a while. His hate for me turned into something else because he asked me to sleep with him. My guess is to make her jealous. I refused, of course.
CM and I got back together and Danielle stopped harassing me for a while. I repaired my friendship with my ex personal trainer a tiny bit and all was well again. Months went by where nothing happened, until my roommate invited Danielle to our house to get revenge. My drug addict roommate. I told the welfare not to let child see her in that condition, and well, Claire thought I was sabotaging her relationship with her kid when I was only looking out for the kid. Poor thing went through enough.
When I saw Danielle that night, I got in my car and left. I slept at a friend's house.

I wouldn't say she was obsessed with me. She hated the fact that I refused to fully submit. I told her it would never happen. Her marriage had been on the rocks and I was a distraction at the time. Emotions got scrambled somehow and it all turned into a shit show.

That all happened late last year. I honestly forgot about Danielle until I saw the friend request this morning.
I'm thinking I should try to fix this, whatever it is. Maybe we can be friends again? Or maybe not.
Some advice would be helpful. Just saying.
I don't know. But it's definitely something to think about.

Alright then. I'm off to work.