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Through the Looking-Glass
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2020-11-02 00:14:21 (UTC)


Wrote this last year and just found it amongst my other poetry and writes on my main writing site. Adding to my collection here.

Beyond: A Fairy and An Angel

A fairy is on your shoulder
that's what he said to me
Warning, watching, guiding
in everything you see
An Angel holds the fairy
to balance out mistakes
And gears you for a journey
where life will need no brakes
Do you really think a fairy
could teach me all these things?
Or an Angel steers a clear path
for all the lessons it brings?
Of course, he said with fervour
and an arched and steely brow
Why wouldn't life still carry on?
or continue to allow
The guidance of the ones that love
with open arms and vows
To serve all of humanity
beyond the here and now
A fairy is on your shoulder
and an Angel watches thou
Walk with them into unknowns
and learn the why's and how's...