London Life
2020-11-01 21:41:02 (UTC)

Defeated by the delay and the drizzle

Friday 30th October 2020
Despite being supposedly on Leave, my boss sent a lot of supplementary questions about my compilation of the last weeks, and Janine also needed my help, on top of the submissions deadline, so I didn’t get the Top 100 finished. Jack had the afternoon off for his mum’s birthday, so I went to St Pancras with him at lunchtime and we got some vegan rolls from the Friday stalls in King’s Cross Square, got a coffee in Pret as we didn’t have time to go to Notes, and I quickly cycled home.

In the evening I’d booked in to help at a charity warehouse a large preparatory task before their Christmas wotk. A lot of people would be there, including Aidan, Becky, Becs, Laura, Sree, Isabelle, Alex, Tracey and Ceiling. I set off just after 16:45, intending to cycle to Mile End and run the rest. However, when I got to Mile End I decided I hadn’t got time to run. So, not having checked the route beforehand or brought my bike phone-holder, I had to try and hold the phone in one hand while steering the bike with the other, to find the way. Immediately I nearly collided with another cyclist, then I managed to find myself the wrong side of the canal. I got back on track, but after having to go down a main road, I tried to follow a confusing path and found I was off the route, next to the very busy A12.

I re-programmed the phone, and it was telling me to reverse down the A12 and then U-turn towards the Blackwall Tunnel. As I’d been intending to run, I wasn’t wearing much, my top was wet and my legs were cold. It was several minutes after the intended arrival time, and although I knew it would be all right to arrive late, I was fed up and decided to go home. I soon got off the A12 and found a quiet route to the Mile End cycle path. It was difficult cycling along the canal in the dark, because although I had a light in my hat, enabling people to see me coming, it doesn’t light up the path ahead of me, so when another bike approaches, I’m dazzled by their light and can’t see where I’m going on the narrow towpath. I was longing to cosy nude under a big duvet with a hot soup.

At home, I tried to catch up with the Top 100, and got into bed quite early. I felt so tired I went to sleep at 11:20, as soon as Jack got in, and didn’t wake up again until he got me up at 9.