always wth love

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2020-11-01 14:10:43 (UTC)

POV edition came full circle

Hey everyone,
I thought I could explain how my college journey when it started from high school. It started at age 18 my official senior year... it came liked a truck on the street to be quite blunt about it. So, in that time still struggling with exit exam that I wasnt ready to walk and didnt have no plan in sight. I graduated the next year instead ready new start after that trauma event dealing with depression and anxiety. Many adults told me what do I want to do after high school and said I'll go to college didnt any plans just took random classes that ended up being 5 years (community college), but now almost 2 years (uni) it everything almost aligned perfect enough to make my dreams come full circle.
I quite reminisce within the last years has got me to prepare me within future plans, even though cant control everything I feel confident in myself who I love myself more than before.
See you, always with love and stay safe!
See ya next month.