My thoughts through living.
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2020-11-01 09:41:06 (UTC)

Talk is talk

another talk. one where they asked about where i used to live. just if I know the place and places around. said yes, they wanted to check maps from something. Its obvious to me that they wanted to meet at a restaurant or pub so eat together. they never said that and instead just said "its right next to it." so in conversation, talking to them is pointless but they want to act as though all is good. they called me daddy through the conversation. cant say it was a good or bad feeling. just being called daddy. since I know how to talk I can bring it up and make fun of it while they seem to want to say the whole thing never happened. so again, talking to them is a pointless act.

I understand people. not in the creepy way where I'll tell them I know they better than themselves and tell they they must masturbate to the sound of me punching a lamb. I just get why they do things, what what implies. This one doesn't do the same with me. They have no understanding of me and what I want. again, not in the creepy way, just its me making sure they are well looked after and have an understanding while I tell a story while they spew nonsense that I can interpreted as words. just sensing messages that have no actual implications doesn't help. I understand what they were going to say based on me knowing them. they have no idea what I could be thinking or doing. At the time I couldn't be bothered with it because i was in the midst of throwing up.