■ Captain's Log ■
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2020-11-01 16:44:01 (UTC)


Merely a boy..
need to see what is true.
but if too late to love back those loved.

Merely a same old sick..
need a command how to play.
but friends come and by.

Merely a thought believe and fate..
remember God created.
her breath that make sense.

Merely a student grade..
dreams of fore or behind.
until when..

Merely as i tremble..
divines of do or die.
just say live and let lived.

Merely when you read..
feel His hand from the heart.
or lies beyond comprehends.

Merely for a job..
Bible's Jesus insist.
or my laughs.

Merely knows born and yet born..
The one i followed.
Keeps of eternity and goodbye.

Merely a guilty sin.
too much i know..
or if i see you..I see you say told.