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2020-10-31 22:30:18 (UTC)

Shēngrì kuàilè

So today it was the long awaited day for me, it's my birthday today, so Happiest birthday to me. I'm always excited for my birthday i don't know why but I'm always. It's not like that i will celebrate it very much or i will throw a party it's just that i love this day so much, i love the date, i love the month i just love everything about it. But i don't like to do celebration over it, well it's just a birthday if you wish me i will be contented i don't need anything else😊.
I was really really happy that so many people wished me. I've never expected that i will be getting so many calls in a day, and they were continuous like even before the first call ended there was another on the line and it continued for the whole day i was on the calls for the whole day but the feeling was so good.
Everyone wished me in my family also, my little brother is so cute i can't even define it in words he keeps telling everyone that today is my birthday so everyone should wish me it was great😀.
I always feel that people around me don't care about me but i think i was wrong or i can say I'm just too engrossed in myself that makes me feel like that the one who doesn't care is me not the others. I think I'm just too dumb or stupid, how can a person like me is there i always expect too much from others and don't do anything, but today i learned one thing for sure that is don't expect what that comes is the best so accept it and cherish that.
There were too many things that i loved today like my brother and everyones wishes and the best thing was the song that my bestie sang for me it was sooo goood it just made my day. I'm really grateful towards her, her voice is just amazing and the ukulele was very cute it was just fabulous. I'm missing her badly we haven't met for this whole year. I always thought that i loved her too much and she doesn't need me she got many friends but today it made me to rethink about this i misunderstood her i think i was too selfish to think like this, but I'm thankful to her for being there for me i should remove my thoughts about being alone because I'm not I'm just dumb and nothing else.
Well I'm 22 now and i think i haven't done anything to be proud of me, one thing i really want to do is to change myself i really need a makeover for everything so i thought of doing something for tomorrow onwards so lets see what can i do.
And Happy Hallowe'en to all.👻🎃

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