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Through My Eyes
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2020-11-01 02:34:08 (UTC)

Old Friend

Today I was invited to a party celebrating an old friends mothers birthday today, she reached out to me via Facebook. I hadn’t seen this friend in almost 38 years, she was my best friend I used to go to school with and hang around in my teenage years. I lost contact with her when I relocated miles away and moved with my father. I used to love going to her home and spending the night, we had so much fun plus this was my coping mechanism to get away from the way my mother treated me as a child. I was so excited seeing her and she was just as excited to see me, we hugged each other so tightly and was almost in tears but we gained control. She then took me to her mother who unfortunately is sickly but she reminded her mother who I was and her mother hugged me and said she always asked about me, my friend then introduced me to her boyfriend, son, daughter and grandkids. After introducing me we sat down talked and reminisce about our time as teenagers and how our adult life is now. She is now taking care of her mother who is sick and I told her before my mother passed I was the one taking care of her. She said it’s a trip how our parents treated us different than our siblings but we’re the ones who ended up taking care of them when they got sick. I’m so glad she invited me and I went because I’ve been so lonely lately and been wanting to get out more and visit. It’s a trip how she was telling me that she doesn’t go anywhere and I was telling her how home bound I was but lately after having a seizure I’ve been wanting to go everywhere to get out the house. I told her now that we’re back in contact we going to start going places together even if it’s just a walk on the beach which is my favorite place to go to. I’m truly glad we’re back in contact with each other and I hope we stay in contact.