My thoughts through living.
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2020-10-31 13:42:47 (UTC)

Not today bukaroo

Visiting the mother. Room is room. Not much has changed. Had a talk about a visitor, was a nice thought. we would go out to a shoe shop for small feet to get they something nice then the sex store to get matching bunny girt outfits. would be fun. Then we'd want to chill at my place and maybe sleep their. having a single bed and no floor space, we'd sleep together in the bed. the thougth is nice. no sex or sexual touching. Just snuggling and..... being together.

It was a nice conversation and dream. Likely wont happen though. Thats why dreams exist. We can explore what wont happen. They still believe that I will like others. Wont happen. Still, I wouldn't say I love them but will always feel content with them. And having failed endlessly to find a pleasure, contentment seems to be the only option.