Nala Toph

Written Thoughts
2020-10-30 21:57:09 (UTC)

The Mayonnaise

As I was opening this website and thinking about what I’m about to report in this Diary, I just started thinking... didn’t I already have an entry exactly like this just about hot sauce or something??
Well tell me if it sounds familiar, here it is.

I’m in my room, I’m tired but for some reason can’t fall asleep (as usual). Suddenly big asshole energy of great grump starts blaring from the other room! (That’s my dad) Mr. Grump said, “WHO LEFT THIS JAR OF MAYONNAISE OUT??? ITS EMPTY”
I’m thinking to myself, “If he storms into my room I’m going to throat punch him, tonight is the night, no longer will I be yelled at under his shadow.”
My brother was the one who was in the living room and he goes “I don’t know”
Then my dad send a text to the whole family asking who done it...
Seriously? Over a goddamn emty jar of mayonnaise? If it was full, I get it. Wasted food, spoilage, stuff gone bad blah blah blah
But an empty jar caused you to rage? I know i had an entry about how I’m not sorry enough according to my dad or something. Is this one of his examples? Should I be sorry?
Heh, well, sOrRy!! If I seem to lack sympathy here but I’m not about to hand my sorrow to man who acts like a fucking child over a God damn condiment container with nothing in it!

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