Experienced Life
2020-10-30 09:29:28 (UTC)

Camping afterthoughts 🤔

So I went camping with my landlord. Not sure if that was the best idea but I love camping and kayaking so I went. He is a lot older so his wifey don't want him camping alone. He got the bucks but instead bought a used old rv. No potty room. Instead, there's a curtain you pull to the side and yeah.. not gonna poop in the middle of the rv just with a curtain (one one side) for privacy. Good thing there's a restroom not too far away. Landlord was decent company. Almost like having to listen to grandpa with his war stories and his past achievements or good ole fun times. Best thing about the RV was that I could plug in to electricity so I had my electric blanket and it was cozy sleeping at night.

We went fishing the next day. He wanted me to join him on his motorized inflatable boat/raft thingy. I told him I needed the exercise and will be kayak fishing instead. Plus, I like to zone out on my own and relax on the lake fish or no fish, don't matter. So there I am, on the lake trolling and just enjoying the nice cool but sunny day. Then it hit me. The last time I was at Amador lake was with my ex gf Tara. Damn it! Really?! When will I have memories that I can recall and mention to my lady about the time we went to whatever place pops up in my head. Instead, I get flashbacks that reminds me of the past and how it's not like that anymore. Sheez-Lou-eez!! Can't win even when I'm at a beautiful lake on a nice sunny day. The lake is shaped like a big hand so I kayaked to the fingers and found that area all to myself. The water was like glass and only disturbed when my kayak cut through the water. I saw some deer walking along the shore and recorded them on my GoPro. Currently having issues transferring my pics via bluetooth so you'll have to take my word for it. I was on the lake all day till it got dark.

The last day there, we kept it simple. Slowly packed our gear. Landlord needed a lot of help with his rv. Still bugs me he go so much money and he buys a pos old rv. Things were falling apart. My sleeping quarters had a hole on the bottom seam so anything that wanted to crawl into my bed could. No bueno. Made my way to the restroom because I'm not pooping in his 3rd-world-country looking toilet. I saw another campsite that I thought was cool. I saw a tent and a motorcycle. Now that's camping. Living life to it's fullest there.

On the last day, I saw a guy outside his tent and greeted me. We chatted for a bit. He then asked if I wanted to buy his tent. He explained that he and his fiancé broke up. That's when I noticed his bike was gone. Asked about that and he said the bike was in her name so she split and she took the bike. Oh man!! Then I noticed the tent he wanted to sell had a spray painted love note on the side of the tent that spelled "Fuck You". Man oh man. Don't mess with a woman scorned. I asked what happened and he said it was a long story. He told me enough that reminded me a little of my breakup with my ex wife. (Again, I"m thinking this is not what I wanted to feel when I'm camping). Anyway, I told him I didn't want to buy his tent. I have like 4 tents already but I suggested he spray his tent a bit more and cover that letters. Came back later and saw he did try to spray over it. It sorta looked better so he at least listened. Then we chatted a little more. I asked how the heck will he get out of here with his camping gear and no bike. He said he does have family living nearby so they will help him out. I felt sorry for him so I came back and gave him my 1/2 bottle of vodka, my leftover bait so he could fish, and $20 bucks. I doubt it'll help him much but it should suffice for a day or two of surviving.

So overall, camping was so-so. Good times, times to reflect, and some unexpected revelations I didn't need to have come back to my face.