London Life
2020-10-30 15:16:14 (UTC)


Thursday 29th October
For lunch we went to St Espresso in the High Street which we haven’t visited often, despite it being so close to us. Their vegan breakfast isn’t just sausages, beans and pretend egg, it’s sourdough toast, avocado, etc, and it’s really tasty. We didn’t sit outside this time, but went downstairs where I enjoyed watching a girl in a short jumper-dress walk up the steep stairs in front of us. I was wearing a jumper-dress as well - great for working from home in the winter. However, I doubt the other girl returned the compliment by watching me go up the stairs after we’d finished.

Lots of pressure at work to get a consortium breakdown finished, as well as the application deadline for tomorrow, but I wasn’t rushing off anywhere tonight. Jack watched episodes of an old London Weekend TV sitcom, “Romany Jones”, with James Beck, which I think is a bit weak despite my liking for 70s humour. Good to see Jo Rowbottom frequently shown wearing a skimpy black nightie, often showing her knickers, which show off a large part of her bum, very revealing by 70s standards.

I was tidying the front room and main bedroom in an effort to find my phone lead, to no avail. I also tidied and cleaned the kitchen, and did loads of washing up. Before the lockdown, we’d usually only spend an hour or two a day in the house, other than in bed, and now that we’re here all day we create a lot of untidiness. Which is why I bought some slippers today, something I haven't done for years. We listened to a live podcast interview with David Milliband, who now works in the USA, and watched the second episode of ‘Roadkill’, a BBC David Hare drama starring Hugh Laurie as an MP with a shady past: a bastard daughter and a secret plan to bring private companies into the NHS.

The first episode, which we saw last week, took in only one day’s events, and the dialogue was a bit clunky, but I liked the political aspects. The second episode took the story away from Westminster and introduced maybe too many different elements – such as the MP’s mistress, and his legitimate daughter being caught using cocaine. The building shown from the outside where the MP supposedly has his office (allegedly the Ministry of Justice, in the narrative) is actually the building where Jack works. We were supposed to attend an online Somers Town History Club meeting, but the presenter was ill so they cancelled it.