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2020-10-30 14:40:11 (UTC)

these kids...

my cousin is now 17 and he is calling himself a gamer. he used to play on his psp. then his phone. and now finally evolved to the pc.

i remember my gaming days as a teenager. options were limited. back in 2005 there wasnt much to choose from. we survived on nfs and cs. there was doom and prince of persia on DOS. yeaaaaa thats the real deal there. no fancy graphics. just some good gameplay.

trouble shooting was a big part of the gaming experience. unfortunately his generation has everything served to him. doesn't want to make the effort to find shit out. he keeps coming to me for small shit. shit which i had to solve myself. so i guide him to the answers and not give them to him.

he asked me which computer monitor he should get. so i gave him a link on a very informative video on it describing fps and ips and all the jargon there. he didn't know anything. such ignorance is not tolerated by me. if you wanna drive a fancy car then better know how it runs.

i do this since people take advantage of the ignorant. you probably have had it with your mechanic charging extra for a small fix. tech guys charging to format your laptop. and of course who can compete with the king of ripping off which is apple store where they tell you to buy a new piece instead of fixing it. greatest thing to teach the younglings is to be self sufficient.