London Life
2020-10-29 14:10:13 (UTC)

The Invisible Man

Wednesday 28th August

Went to the Box Park for lunch after Jack had met his friend. Completely coincidently, in the evening we were back in Peckham, where we went on Saturday. We headed straight for the “fishless and chips” takeaway, but the aftertaste of the breaded tofu was unpleasant. We then went straight to the Bussey Building, an independent arts centre but we were too early for the film so went up Beaulieu Crescent to a café and cocktail bar, who said they were fully booked but let us in for half an hour for a coffee before the reservation arrived.

The pop-up cinema was actually at the far end of the Bussey Building, which was made to look like a “forbidden forest”. The cinema was actually in a yard with a thin, temporary transparent roof with trees painted on. There was a large turnout for the film. I did get a bit cold, without realising.

We saw ‘The Invisible Man’, an Australian/USA take on the story as a psychological thriller/horror. I said to Jack that the female protagonist was unsympathetic and he said “you mean she’s not very pretty…”. Some of it was implausible – the man would have been at great risk of being shot dead if the girl had just sprayed bullets about the room while he was there (and guns are easy to obtain in the USA). She wouldn’t have been prosecuted, as he was supposedly already dead. Also, we have the old problem of him being able to knock people unconscious with a single punch (but only when it suits the narrative). And he seems to have somehow secretly invented his “invisible suit” completely on his own, without a large team of scientists and researchers. Lead actress Elizabeth Moss appeared in a nightie at the start, but didn’t get to show her legs again until the final scene. Horror is not usually my genre, but there were a couple of good plot twists.