London Life
2020-10-29 14:17:52 (UTC)


Monday 26th October
We tried out Neat Burger at lunchtime, a new vegan place at the Lock, and although I don’t like burgers, and it’s a shame when new vegan places specialise in them, it was quite tasty. After work I got Jack running all the way to a green near Stoke Newington, a base for leaflet distribution, and after doing further running for the deliveries, we ran home as well using the scenic route – 5km each way. My ankle ached a bit, but it didn’t hurt. I think it’s gradually recovering, though I was a bit stiff from yesterday’s walk.

Steve L was being pernickety, not for the first time, but as always it was great to talk to Ellie - we all had a bit of a chat afterwards. She brought along her confident flatmate Kate. Jack started to tell Vicky about the New Forest race, and of course she told him she’d done it as well.
Jack was very confident we could do an extra street and still get back to Green Lanes, I knew we couldn’t but he was adamant. Of course, we couldn’t, which meant that when I explained to the organiser which streets we’d done, I had to report three incomplete streets (and one which we’d finished) instead of possibly three complete ones.

We were about to run home when Jack suggested we go in the restaurant in the corner, and we shared a meal as well (the only vegan one they did). As we thought it best to sit outside, as we were in running outfits and everyone else was nicely dressed, it soon got cold. I’d thought we’d be moving all the time so I wasn’t wearing much. We still ran home, so did over 10km today, the most I’ve done in a day since July.

Tuesday 27th October
I wanted to do a faster 5km, which I could post for this month’s “virtual” charity challenge, so I planned to run back from Finchley tonight. The idea was, that if part of the 5k was a run down steep Highgate West Hill, I could post a faster time than in Victoria Park, which because of my injury was slower than my slowest ever ParkRun, and which I was going to post for the virtual 5k. However, the first 3km on the way to Highgate was all uphill, and the slope was too sleep with the wet leaves to go fast, so my time was 30 minutes, over 3 minutes slower than Victoria Park. Maybe it’s impossible to go that fast on streets, but I’m going to try on Thursday in Somers Town’s empty streets.

Anyway it felt great to be out pushing myself with a run again, though I still feel my ankle isn’t supporting me probably, which is what’s slowing me down. It’s always great to be able to really let myself go, whether running or the now-suspended nightclubs, or train journeys back from away football matches, when we were allowed to go to football.

We delivered leaflets in Hampstead Garden Suburb – the houses there are huge, like something in the country. Lovely to see Kat again, she radiates warmth. Also chatted to slim Rachel, but with my bad ear, it’s difficult to make subtle points, I feel as if I’m barking. To get there, I went on the Tube, the first time I’ve used it since March, then got a bus, and I got a 134 home from Kentish Town.

It was no fun at work opening endless email folders, then PDFs, to compile a changes list. It didn’t help that I couldn’t sleep last night after getting excited looking at one of my own “scantily-clad action-heroine” videos. On the tube tonight, it had been good to see two girls in short skirts sitting with legs crossed, the skirts riding up in such a way that you could see part of each girls' bottom. I always try and sit that way myself, knowing the skirt will safely drop down when I get up.

We went to lunch at the cafe in our street, talking about the flats and the changes to the cycle path.