London Life
2020-10-29 14:10:13 (UTC)

The 29km walk

Sunday 25th October
I was meeting people at 10:30 at Welwyn Garden City station for a walk, so it was good to get a train arriving there at 10:29. Usually I would have arrived early, for a chat, but as we’d be walking for hours, I decided that was plenty of time for that. Jack travelled on the train with me, on his way to see his mum and dad. I'd had a good night's sleep - the clocks went back last night.

The walk started through the pretty streets of Welwyn Garden City, then along country paths and a disused railway, it later passed though Hertford and Ware and along the River Lea. We stopped at Hertford Castle. Simon and David went to Costa, while the rest of us sat on grass by the castle. I’d brought my winter jacket but kept my scarf round my waist, I was slightly too hot so was glad I hadn’t out another level on. I didn’t want to carry a backpack (but still got a shoulder ache), so hadn’t brought food like the others, apart from a Naked bar, but Kapil gave me a banana and Simon a vegan sandwich. I did have a big breakfast before I left though, and just had sweet potato chips in the pub afterwards, rather than a meal. I did get a What The Pitta wrap later.

It was great to have Geraldine along, she’s got plenty of conversation, but she lets you talk as well, and she listens to you, just the person you need on a long walk. I started talking to David, but moved on to Kapil and had several chats with Geraldine, who’s really pretty with a good figure. She looks over 30 and I wonder why she doesn’t seem to have got a boyfriend. She’s from Normandy. I had a few chats with her friend Magda, from Warsaw, but she would tend to suddenly stop talking.

We finished just as it was getting dark, and headed to The Bull in Broxbourne, where we sat outside in a circular, covered bench. We all got the train together back to Tottenham Hale, then I got the Overground with Magda, changing trains along the bridge in Hackney. My watch showed the walk as 28.8km, not including a short part at the start which I didn’t record. The pace was faster than if I’d been on a walk with Jack, and I felt stiff towards the end.

At home, I had to do an article before the next morning, and didn’t have time to research my multi-sport idea. Instead, I saw on my notes an idea to do a piece on political involvement. I got out John Harding’s trade union book, and found enough references in the index to compile a coherent article about union involvement.