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2020-10-29 13:17:26 (UTC)

losing my religion

that's a good song right there..
a classic.

so i was texting my friend and she said she had her prayers to memorize. so that got me thinking.

i wouldnt be me if i were born to any other religion but mine. to admit that i don't believe in religion is a recent part of me. as a kid i used to pray as any other good obedient sheep would. i used to pray, please help me make friends. or please help me pass my exams. years later still lonely and did fail them exams. year after year my belief started to dwindle. now i have all but forgotten most of the prayers. my mom still prays daily. i don't.

i wouldn't be a faithful muslim since all the prayers to memorize and no bacon??? come onnn.

i wouldn't be a good christian since bible is a fairy tale and a lot i don't agree. plus only sundays to church? the only day when god takes his day if you think that line was ridiculous then explain why you picked only sundays to worship him.

i definitely wouldnt be a hindu or a jain. they are vegetarians and have a charade of their own gods and stuff. plus they are too noisy in their celebrations.

i could have been a jew. they eat and party. live and let live kind. thats the closest to my religion. our priests can marry and have sex and drink and just be a fucking human while completing his duties as a priest.

the most stupidest thing to do is suppress basic human emotions. u cant do that. its biology. its chemicals. its evolution. millions of years running through the body. so in one hand you have nuns who are celibate, and in the other hand you have priests who are child you see the irony. even god is doing a holy facepalm up in the heavens and saying, you deny the pleasures of one and i shall make the other the most horny human ever!! oh and the society is perfectly okay with that btw.

so have a good day and listen to that song..hahaha