The romanian girl

The Diary of a Romanian Girl
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2020-10-28 20:22:00 (UTC)

About a little success on Wattpad

I decided to work on an online journal so I started writing on Wattpad.
My books are The last months of 2020 and the romanian version of it. I have only 3 chapters(romanian) and 2 in english so it s not a big deal, buuuut.. I already have some views and I see that the romanian version is #3 for most impressive at diaries in romanian so IIII am sooo happy. It is not a lot but I love it anyway. It s more than I ever imagined. I am sooo glaaad.
Maybe I will change the titles, but yea.. Idk. I will see. Thank you guys!
You also can find me on Tumblr: The diary of A Romanian girl.
I love you and I hope everyone is fine. :3 Take care of yourselves.