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2020-10-28 23:06:38 (UTC)


That feeling of satisfaction when you have BLOCKED AND REPORTED a fucking reel of a woman dancing to FUCKING BOLLYWOOD HINDI FUCKING ASSWIPE REPULSIVE music. Fucking Indians I hate them.

I want my page to be filled with Gothic metal music loving spooky horror acounts. Unfortunately living in India makes that tough cause EVEYONE IS FUCKING INTO THAT FUCKING BOLLYWOOD .

if one bollywood fucking actress gets pregnant the whole fucking country just stops and the media gets fixated on her. Like I just read this news article with the headline FITNESS and it quoted her saying Now I have to eat for two people not one...WELL YOU DUMBASS BITCH DUHHHHH THATS HOW IT WORKS!!!


Ps. The above entry would be better if your read it in the voice of Bill Burr.