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2020-10-28 22:44:05 (UTC)

Unquenchable Randomness.

you know what, I can sit and listen to Mr Feynman all day long. I love his accent. The way he talks. How he describes physics to us is exactly how I feel on the subject. Unfortunately I don't have anyone to share it with. Everyone I know feels science is boring.

If you remove the egoistic human trait then the universe doesn't revolve around our ass. I made a post saying that to name "murder honets" is pretty bold coming from the species who are directly responsible for mass extinction of animals. I got around dozen likes.out of my 200 odd friends thats the max social media spotlight I get.sometimes it gets so boring I put in something that's controversial just to rattle some cages. The comments which follow are epic.

I wasn't feeling too good. So I had a shower. Its around 2230hrs here. The feeling of freshness after a hot shower in bed is fucking relaxing. P.s. the autocorrect from fucking to ducking is too dammmmmm high!!!

Next month I resume work at the office. The end has come to my work from home days. A new experience.

Dull mood where I don't have the slightest interest in other shit around me. At the dinner table mom asked me about my friends. I said I dunno. They don't know I'm depressed. can't connect to them that way. Not that close. You understand rite.

Pinterest is the way to go for some kick ass pictures. The collection is good. Better than Google. I found some good wallpapers there. Better than the wallpaper apps in the store.

I've started playing far cry 3.its good. Getting used to it. Time is the main problem. Don't realize when it flies by and one hour turns into three. Thats a given for all games.

Tonite I shall try to sleep early by 1 max. Could be the tiredness of insufficent sleep which is affecting the mood.

I bid you all a good day
You crazy bastards of the internet