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2020-10-28 14:01:04 (UTC)

Update update

Mom is back home and we are back in our house with my aunt, she has come to help us for few days.
Mom hasn't recovered completely though, but she will gradually.
I was not willing to come home because of that madman at home. He has created a fuss ufff don't even want to talk about it.
V has sent my car papers and here we are done. He again hurted me by not asking me about my mom, he really don't feel anything that how am I in this situation aor how am I handling all alone. Inspite of knowing he don't bother to ask me and my heart broke. I guess I should stop here no matter how much bad I feel, no matter how much hurt I am, no matter how much I miss him and want him to talk to me. Somewhere he is also right but cmon how can you be so cold?? I asked him abt his parents health how can he be so heartless for me. I had decided to wish him on his birthday day but I guess there is no need for that. He has moved on or may not want me then I should also not make it difficult for us.
God bless him and Ill always value for the love, care he showered me. I loved you so much baby. Every single time spent with you was so precious be it good or bad, laugh or cry, love or fight every moment had it's sweetness. Thinking of us makes me cry so bad but I'll be strong now. I'll delete your number, messages but I may never be able to delete you from my heart and my mind. I so crave for your warm strong hug. I already feel bad that it's gonna be for someone else for rest of the life.
I'll avoid writing about him everytime.
For now I have a lot to do.
Job hunt
Pension withdrawal
Groom hunt hahaha...
Cyasss I can't wait to write good thing when good time arrive