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Through the Looking-Glass
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2020-10-27 21:36:36 (UTC)

The Boy That Never Grew To A Man

This poem is about a man I recently invested some time in and went on a date with - I decided not to go on another date with him or invest any more time in him.

And the hollow felt the raindrops
Like the tarmac soaks the sun
Those four walls wrapped in company
Also held the gun
Years dwindled by the same routine
Until he reached a point
And savoured on a future scent
That burnt with every joint
The extent of his endeavours
Cushioned by paltry success
Was a mirage of his true intent
Endured by ravenous excess
The boy that never grew to a man
Nor sowed a memory to remain
Had prevailed and passed all chances
As the blood clots marched his veins
Neither a tale nor an adventure
Could write the story of his life
For he missed all opportunities
And never knew of strife.
Secluded inside a labyrinth
Of illusion and unknown tracks
The boy that never grew to a man
Never witnessed any cracks.
Onwards through the desert plains
Where no existence survives
The oasis shines it pseudo glow
And the transient bubble thrives.

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