Rob Floyd
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2020-10-27 12:57:36 (UTC)

Last days of my quarantine

Ive been really feeling fine for quite a few days now. Havent had a fever since maybe last Thursday?? And even then it was only like 99.9. Not really much of a fever. I am declaring myself fit to return to work. I tried to get a re-test at the VA today but they wouldnt test me. They did give me my release papers saying I could return to work. So today im cleaning the room, doing the laundry, ie, sheets and pillowcases, so the wife can return to the bedroom with me. Covid 19 wasnt too bad for me. I really didnt affect my lungs at all. I had a slight fever for a few days. I slept a lot. Couldnt taste anything for over a week, but thats starting to come back now. I worked out one way or another almost every day, whether it was yoga on my mat out back or taking the dogs down the street on my bike. Im planning on doing that today alsot. I guess I need to put stuff up from outside since there's a hurricane or tropical storm coming this way. Should be here tomorrow night. Should I get some beer? HAHA the wife would love that!