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2020-10-27 14:19:56 (UTC)

Next step in human progress

the next and logical step towards human triumph is the eradication of all religion. Not God. Only religion. With so many religions here each and every one wants to be umero uno and thats the main root of the problems.

We could keep one God. You can pray to satisfy your ego. But only one. No my God better than yours.

Religion when used for good does help. Morality and doing good etc. But the leaders now use religion as a tool for their own greed and nobody can stop them. Plus another thing I don't like is the high priests live in luxury while their followers starve. Its just so wrong. Still you guys are okay with it. Strange humans.

Religion is meant for the past. The future needs all of humans to unite as one. As long as religion takes presedence over human lives then its time to cut off the head of the snake and make sure more don't take its place.

Hail Hydra.
Lol had to say that. If you get my drift.