The romanian girl

The Diary of a Romanian Girl
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2020-10-26 20:22:00 (UTC)

About the gipsy with BMW

Since I received my driving license almost 2 weeks ago, my parents always put me to drive them. I am their driver now :)) lol. But the story is not about that.
Well. After I finished my courses at school I called my father to come and "take me". I was driving the car and we agreed to go around the town. Just imagine this:
A street. Cars parked everywhere. Almost no space to go 2 cars and the garbage car on my side. Okay.
I was letting the big Range Rover go first and I saw the other line free. I was at the middle of the path to overcome the garbage car when a man, with a woman, in a BMW, came.
He saw me. He was far but he had some speed. I stopped there because he didn't want to let me to finish the overcoming. He just came nearer and nearer and put me to go backward... Like it was his right when it was obviously I was there first.
My dad was angry. I just went backwards and after he passed the garbage car, stopped beside my window and looked at me for some seconds like: "Look at you. So stupid"
And he left.
I don't know what I was expecting from a gipsy with a BMW. I am not racist. I have gipsy friends, but the ones in Romania with BMW... HELL, NO! THEY ARE THE KINGS OF THE ROAD!
This experience made me laugh. The road is full of stupid people. The ones who see the yellow "ladybug" (how we call the beginner sign) and start honking are the most stupid.
Pls, if you see this and you have a driving license, just let people with yellow ladybugs alone. Be patient. We try to be like you.
Thanks :D