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The Final Game
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2020-10-26 21:28:35 (UTC)

Pure hate

ever felt that way? No mercy. Loathing and just absolute total hate. You would like nothing more than to slay them where they stand. Mass genocide.

Its not anger though. Thats strange cause my level of anger towards them is very less compared to my hatred for them. If you would think of the anger as the temperature rising in a tube then when it hits the top the tube will burst right. Like in the cartoons. So thats me a few years back. My anger reached the limit and then pop it all went silent.

Now not so much anger. Just a feeling of killing them with vengeance. My victims are the people living here. This so called great nation. Fuckers from the fuckworld swarming here and infesting everything. All these races and species of Indian. They think too much about themselves. Religion is the root of all evil in this country. The blood fued between the Hindus and the people here. Fucking irritating for the rest of us. They fucking banned beef cause they don't eat it. They fucking do what they wish. Vegetarian is considered better than carnivores. They fucking pray like they are the holiest of them all. Fucking bunch of fucking retards. Morons. Fuck I hate them so much. Disgust. They made me this way. I can't help it. I love everything else but I can't stand the sight of these fools.