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The Diary of a Romanian Girl
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2020-10-26 15:25:00 (UTC)

About tarot cards and neighbours

I was going to write about my driving experience and how I am the private driver for my parents but I changed my mind after a convo with a neighbour.
Well, I did tarot readings for friends in the past. Now I just don't have time for that and I haven't done that for like 3 months.
2 months ago I met a neighbour who was a friend of mine in my childhood and we talked about his experience in England and spirituality. He told me about an ex of his who used to do tarot. I told him I do that too and he asked for a reading. I said: "okay. Let me see a day". Of course, the days went by and I forgot about that, he didn't ask anymore and I went on trips and school started. You already know that it's my last year of high school. Of course, with everything going on, I didn't have time to do that.
I was like: "okay, let me explain myself". I told him that I don't have time, it's my last year, I have Baccalaureat, I have admissions in Sweden, I haven't done that for months. He started to be angry and tell me I lie, which I hate. I don't lie. He didn't want to understand and I told him that I don't fking care about his opinion. If he wants a reading he can go somewhere else because I don't scamm people. I do that for real, you know. And that If I was a bitch I could have not answered his texts.
That made him more angry and he started to tell me a lot of harsh words.
The old me would have cried, but I don't do that anymore and I was just like: SEEN. He doesn't deserve my time. I stopped trying to change people. It's not my problem to change them and how they act. I can tell them what's wrong and that's it. It's not my problem anymore. I am not responsible for their behavior. If they want to learn and understand, fine. If not, still fine.
The me from a year ago would have cried and continue arguing, but I am not that girl anymore. I just take that, smile and continue my life.
If you tried for 3 times to receive a diplomma and failed because you didn't want to study, you went in England with another "macho" and laugh about how you steal from people and how the police noticed it and you still stay on your parents' money and spend them to do all kind of drugs, you don't have a single right to talk about me and how much I learn for my future!
That's all.
Guys, you are never sure of people. They can change in a moment. Don't suffer for all harsh words. They will understand that what they do is wrong. It's not your problem to resolve their behavior or problems. You are there to support them, not to resolve everything in their life. If someone says something mean just take it, smile and continue living the best life you can!
Lots of love!