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2020-10-26 11:00:17 (UTC)

Drama Drama Drama

The theme of my weekend was definitely drama. Like damn.

My middle sister is pregnant!!! What an amazing blessing in these times. The only problem is my mother is crazy controlling and old school and thinks this is a huge scandal and a shameful for my sister to do because of her reputation. I totally understand her concerns about the pregnancy but I do not respect or accept her judgement. She also kicked my sister out of the house. I mean I don't think there is anything to worry about. My sister and her boyfriend have been together for four years and he is 100% committed. She is the only lucky one to have found a decent guy who cares about her. They were planning to get married anyway and now they have their little family which is great. I wish them all the best. Being a parent is really difficult but I have no doubt that they will make it work and be amazing parent.

I went on a date!!!! It was so amazing and refreshing like wow. The only suckish thing about this whole situation is that the guy that I went on a date with is a friend of my ex. He confessed that he has had feelings for me for a very long time now and he is the guy who introduced me to my ex. I mean I was sure we had a vibe back then but I wasn't sure and having come to me and tell me that he was feeling it too is just so wow... I just wished he had told me that sooner because it could have avoided so much drama. So we went t a restaurant and talked for the longest time and then we met up with my younger sister and her boyfriend at our usual spot, only to bump into my ex who by the way has two vaginas in his life. So this stupid MF is busy with two girls who are friends and one of them happens to be the sister of one of his closest friends. She is twin and her sister is extremely upset at the fact that her sister is with my ex. The friend had enough and ended up hitting my ex when I left. He also messaged the guy I went on a date with and told him that he really hurt him by taking me out...but what about your two vaginas bro???? Urgh so over it. I had a good time on my date and we'll see where it goes.

We ended up staying over at my younger sisters boyfriends house and my crazy mother was not having it. She flipped and asked us to get home to check the pots that he started cooking!? I still don't get that but I am so use to the crazy. My mother seems to be taking out her disappointment for my sister on my younger sister and I, which makes no sense but okay. So we came home yesterday afternoon to get our swimming gear because that's what we had planned for the day, only to find my mother with steam coming out of her ears talking about how she's going to change the locks of her house. SMH we got home and the locks were the still the same.

What an interesting weekend. With the bad there is always some good. We just struggle to see it sometimes.